For twentytwo years I have been photographing consistently analogue and manual on my free reportages. 36 shots per film in black and white. Direct, honest, unaltered.

Curiosity, intuition and subtlety allow me to discover the unknown. Often I try to merge with what is happening, perhaps even to become a part of it. Where necessary, however, I also keep an attentive distance. And I always treat my surroundings with the highest respect. This creates closeness and trust.

My special sympathy and affection goes to the common people. The farmers, the fishermen, the craftsmen, some of whom still work today as their ancestors did. Unagitated, modest and with an instinctive respect for nature.

I travel without hectic and by simple means. At walking pace, without expectation, but always ready for the mysterious happiness of the moment. As an observer who lends photographic continuation to the moment of encounter. And as a photographer who builds bridges between cultures with his closeness to nature.


Christian Reichenbach

Mobile  +41 79 789 60 30

Portrait Christian Reichenbach

Photography: Harol Javier Sosa Correa, Bogotá, 2015